In Honor of Sonia Pierre Today 12/4/14

10846013_419162288235169_4569670979745761934_nSONIA PIERRE VIVE!

Today, December 4th is the anniversary of Sonia Pierre’s passing, devoted organizer for human rights of Dominico-Haitians in Dominican Republic. Sonia was one of the key inspirations for the founding of We Are All Dominican. Her memory continues to call us all to the movement against racism, denationalization, and violence against people of color worldwide.

Today we honor a revered and elevated ancestor, and connect all struggles of military, police, and the state violating the rights of BLACK PEOPLE. As we join the various movements today standing against police brutality, we recognize that these systems of oppression are operating internationally, and have taken the lives of countless youth and families in Dominican Republic as well.

MUDHA, the organization she founded, is holding a conference remembering her today.

Please support by making Sonia’s picture below your profile picture, and joining the various protests taking place in your city against the grand jury indictments of police officers who unjustly kill black people, young and old alike.

About Sonia:

On December 4, 2011, human rights warrior Sonia Pierre passed away suddenly from a heart attack at age 48. The child of Haitian immigrants who worked in the Dominican sugar cane plantations, Sonia fought tirelessly throughout her life for the right to exist. She and her family endured death threats for her efforts to protect the constitutional right of all children born in the Dominican Republic to have citizenship. She also stood alongside the families of many victims in the Dominican court system, challenging a system that allowed people to be killed with impunity as long as they were Haitian and/or Black. In an article she wrote in 2008, “Ethnic Cleansing in the Caribbean” Sonia Pierre described the system that denies the humanity of Dominicans of Haitian descent. We know this is the same system at work in the US, where the killers of Black people are allowed to go free, while the victims are blamed for their own deaths. Today we remember Sonia Pierre, and we declare that the time for unequal treatment is over.

“Dominicans like me have always paid a price for our ancestry. For more than a century, the government has promoted a policy of state-sponsored racial discrimination. We have been used as scapegoats to shift the focus away from the country’s economic and political problems….Perhaps the campaign against Dominicans of Haitian descent will stop when the Dominican judiciary acknowledges that the retroactive denial of citizenship violates fundamental human rights law. Perhaps it will stop when the international community starts speaking out against the Dominican Republic’s discriminatory policies. But one thing is certain: it won’t stop until all Dominicans who value democracy and the rule of law stand alongside their fellow citizens and declare that the time for unequal treatment is over.” – Sonia Pierre, 2008


Stay tuned for more details:



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