Imagínate: Justice!

Photos and featured art from our Imagínate: Justice! arts workshop. Through dance, poetry, music, and visual arts, we created pieces to express our views about TC 168/13 and our solidarity with our Dominican brothers and sisters of Haitian descent denationalized by the court’s decision.

Poems written during Imagínate: Justice! arts workshops:

“The One Land” by Juju Angeles
“Trinitario” by Kaila D

The One Land
for my Dominican kin affected by TC-0168/13

all i have are these bones
red map of veins
borders between belly &
home. a dominican man
with a brugal bottle lined
on his ajar mouth, sips.
does he know this tongue?
a language ripped by
politics & religion. i try
to root a barefoot on this
soulless flood of
documents but all i can
handle is the damp earth.
can he taste
my fingers, the ones
that traced guandules
& dirt to fill his everyday
hunger. he is like me,
hue of dust. hair that
doesn’t need wind
to stand. color that
doesn’t need sun to
understand. he thinks
that justice is worth
the bullets, the butts
of guns to the dome
taken in the dark
simply because we are dark.
a mother’s breast
leaks for her newborn
she is being emptied
like a barren land
the sugar souring
her baby hollowing
for her body, the only
land he knows. we
are all lines filing into
the country my great
grandmother left
the one our mouths
carry by our last
in fear of the thunder
he holds in arms. the
rifle nestled right above
his heart. his mind
weathered from the reign-
deeply grown out
of a middle passage
we’ve survived this
whipped land, the shit & pee,
sardine-packed wooden ships
shanty town forest.
we stewed with the decay
& made the intestines
of cows, the feet of birds
the scraps of our gods
into a roof for all of us
to eat & growup under.
Juju Angeles 



Unclothed children’s skin
Tarring under rays  
Of Sun gods gracing all
Feathered with wings of massacred freedom
Shedding blood.

Elders of perversion
Stealing innocence.
Prepubescent lovers
Pink panties with bows
Wrapped around bony ankles.

Shoe shining and Seven
Orange picking at five
Cardboard beds of solitude
And misery companions.

Womyn with children
Torn away to raise another’s.
Life of service
That disservices your own.

Smells of decaying futures
Dreams never imagined
To be deferred
Impossibility in wanting
Fear of naiveté in wishing.
Permed Hair
Bleached skin
Distance from kin
Barbie and Ken
Remake us again.

Loneliness of severed grips
Lost hope
Cotton mouths and cane stalks.
Roaring stomachs
Growl appeased only
By the shock of baton
Beaten ribs
         “Maldito Prieto!”
         “Jodio Haitiano!!”
         “Que viva Trujillo!!!”

Mothers beg to no avail
Selling parts of themselves to feed
Crying baby’s desperate plea.
Mud patties y Asopao bobo
Turn desperation to hunger
“Mal comio no piensa”- Violent nation.
Caña y Café
Sweat and blood.

Freedom taken,
Never granted.
Dignity demanded,
Yearning unresolved
Camaraderie lost.

“Dios, Patria y Libertad”
Que no ha para’o de conquista’

Kaila D


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