Messages of Solidarity


Over the course of our work we have asked Dominican-Americans and allies living in New York City what they think about the Constitutional Tribunal’s decision 168/13. You can view some of those responses here. And if you’d like to add your own voice to the debate, film a video of yourself, friends, or family members telling us what you or they think about the decision, upload it to YouTube and send us the link at!

A message of solidarity with Dominicans of Haitian descent denationalized by the decision 168/13 from young people in New York City

What would happen if the US Supreme Court made a decision similar to the one made by the Dominican Constitutional Tribunal?

Dominicans in NY react to citizenship ruling: Rosleny

Rosleny’s message: “How do you feel as a Dominican-American, having more rights being born outside the country, than a Haitian-[Dominican] that’s born in the country? It just makes no sense.”

El mensaje de Rosleny: “¿Cómo te sientes como una dominico-americana, nacida fuera del país, teniendo más derechos que un dominico-haitiano nacido dentro del país. No tiene sentido.”

Dominicans in NY react to citizenship ruling: Ivomne 

El mensaje de Ivomne: “Yo voy a seguir asistiendo y viendo qué se puede hacer, para que podamos entender que hay algo para hacer, que no tienen las cosas que quedarse como están y que tenemos que olvidarnos de ese pasado y ese odio que hay mutuamente.”

Ivomne’s message: “I’m going to keep coming and seeing what can be done, so that we can understand that there is something to be done, that things don’t have to stay the way they are, and that we must forget about the past and the mutual hatred.”

On the streets of Washington Heights (1)

“I feel bad [about the ruling], because I’m human just like them. Imagine if I were in the same position as them; if I were in Haiti and they wanted to kick me out. We are all humans. This is an abuse. There are so many children, how am I going to kick you out of the country where you belong? If I was born in New York, I’m a New Yorker. Who would send me away from New York to Brazil or another country? I am from here. This is not well done, this is an abuse. This government has no heart!”

(Video by Miriam Neptune)

On the streets of Washington Heights (2)

“We are here representing the Haitian community. It’s not fair that they would lose their citizenship in the country of their birth. A person is from where he is born. He has rights and obligations. Thank you.” 

(Video by Miriam Neptune)

On the streets of Washington Heights (3): Roberto

“I am Dominican, born and raised in the Dominican Republic of Dominican parents.  But I used to visit those bateys [sugarcane plantations] where Haitians, brought to the country by Trujillo, worked.
And I can tell you the conditions under which those people worked were subhuman. Subhuman because they were barely paid using a slip of paper known as “bales” to buy food on the weekends in company owned stores.
Those poorly paid people labored hard, doing difficult work like cutting cane in extreme heat and transporting sugarcane like cattle to the sugarmill.
I can testify this because I saw the situation as a child.  I traveled every weekend to San Luis, Haina, El Bolito, El Camarito, San Isidro and would see how those people were treated.
How could it be that now the government wants to pass laws denying citizenship to their children, saying that they are not Dominican?
The government wants to distract people and public discourse from the real disasters occurring in the the country. That’s the simple truth.
It should not be; it should not be; it should not be!
We should do things with humanism, justice, patriotism but above all with love for our neighbor and love for Human Rights.”
(Video by Miriam Neptune)


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