Take Action!

There are many things you can do to help reverse the Dominican Tribunal Court ruling TC 0168.13. Here are a few ideas:

1) Sign the Petition on Change.org or print our Petition and have your friends and family sign it.

2) Collect Video Testimony from friends or family of why they are against this decision and post it on our Facebook page or send it to us at wearealldominican@gmail.com to post on our Messages of Solidarity page! 

3) Host a film screening of Birthright Crisis and workshop for your school, church, or family. You can view the film here and access a curriculum for teaching a workshop based on the film.  Want to screen fore more than 30 people and need help? Email us: wearealldominican@gmail.com.

4) Email or Call the Dominican Ambassador and Consulate that you don’t agree with this decision: send them a message, call: 212.768.2480, or email: info@consuladord-ny.net.

5) Call or write your local elected officials to tell them you want them to call the Dominican elected officials. Find out who your elected officials are and their phone numbers here.

6) Write a letter to the editor to a major newspaper, website, or blog, and post it to our blog as well! Check out our Sample Letter of Solidarity, Fact Sheet, and Open Letter to Danilo Medina (Versión en Español) for ideas!

7) Join the organizing team and help mobilize the people in your school, building, church, or ‘hood and organize a protest! Join wearealldominican@googlegroups.com.

8) Organize an arts/culture event where the performances are dealing with this issue.

9) Organize a vigil for the many lives lost and the hundreds of people deported or killed because of this ruling and in the recent Dominican history, then post it on our blog!

9) Share your great ideas about how to mobilize people against this decision by posting it on our blog!

10) Follow key groups organizing on Facebook and Twitter! Dominicanos x Derecho, Eso No Se Hace RDReconoci.do, We Are All Dominican (Twitter), Comité d’actions contre la décision 168-13 de la République dominicaine (Montreal).


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